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Alonzo Demetrius Releases Soulful R&B Single “Runnin'”

March 25, 2023

Alonzo Demetrius, the rising star in the R&B scene, has released his latest single, “Runnin’,” featuring production from Ivan Jackson, Gengis Don, and Daniel Abraham. The track tells the story of a tumultuous “situations,” with Alonzo’s raw vocals and introspective lyrics capturing the emotions of someone who has had enough of being strung along.

Alonzo Demetrius releases a jazzy R&B single, entitled, “Rapture,” featuring The Ego

August 24, 2022

‘Rapture’ contains a relationship-based narrative, ear-pleasing vocals, and tuneful melodies that will resonate well with music lovers worldwide. The fresh and likable tune possesses groovy bass, trumpet, and thudding drum-laden instrumentation flavored with jazz and contemporary R&B elements. Furthermore, “Rapture” serves as an excellent demonstration of what listeners can expect to hear from Alonzo. Demetrius in the near future as he continues to release new music.

NPR Live Session - WRTI's @HOME: Alonzo Demetrius

May 6, 2021

Alonzo Demetrius & The Ego present "F.O.O.-The Principle" for WRTI's @HOME video series. @HOME is a new initiative that is opening the door to video content from the global artists community.

Hometown Hero Spotlight: Alonzo Demetrius

March 24, 2021

When trumpeter Alonzo Demetrius arrived at Berklee College of Music in the fall of 2014, he expected to have his musical world opened up to new pathways. What came as a surprise is the way the school broadened his political thinking as well.

Downbeat Magazine: Music Fueled By Activism

February 17, 2021

Featured in the March 2021 edition of Downbeat Magazine's Indie Life section, Alonzo Demetrius provides his thoughts in this no holds barred interview with Ayana Contreres. They discuss the intersection of his music, compositional choices, and activism, as well as his thoughts on the approach to jazz education. You can subscribe to the digital version or purchase the magazine using the link below.

Occhi Magazine Review

January 21, 2021

Whoever says jazz is dead clearly has not heard Alonzo Demetrius.  The young trumpeter not only has language on the instrument and paired it with electronic effects, but he is also an amazing composer.  His live recording “Live from the Prison Nation” is as real as it gets...

All About Jazz review by Mike Jurkovic

January 4, 2021

Many may wear their passions on their sleeve, but none wear it more passionately than Demetrius, whose sound and vision echoes that of Christian Scott aTunde Adjuah and Roy Hargrove. This is good music to sink into, reflect upon, and act on.

Alonzo Demetrius in Financial Times

January 1, 2021

"...the meat of the album is upscale contemporary mainstream modern jazz with soulful modal themes, well-worked arrangements and a rhythmic blend of hip-hop and swing."


December 26, 2020

On his powerful, purposeful, evocative new concert recording Live From the Prison Nation – streaming at Bandcamp – trumpeter Alonzo Demetrius addresses the ongoing need to put an end to the New Jim Crow.

A Haunting, Hard-Hitting New Protest Jazz Suite From Trumpeter Alonzo Demetrius

December 26, 2020

On his powerful, purposeful, evocative new concert recording Live From the Prison Nation – streaming at Bandcamp – trumpeter Alonzo Demetrius addresses the ongoing need to put an end to the New Jim Crow.

Last Row Music - Audio Review

December 21, 2020

By opening the album with spoken word from Angela Davis’ Eric Williams Memorial Lecture in 2003, trumpeter Alonzo Demetrius and his group The Ego lay the groundwork for a sonic boom that will leave a lasting impact on listeners.

The Month In Jazz – December 2020 by Stereogum

December 18, 2020

Alonzo Demetrius' Live from the Prison Nation is featured amongst the releases from many talented artists in December in the monthly review column of Stereogums' jazz section.

Brave of the Home - Mike Bond ft. Alonzo Demetrius

November 30, 2020

National Association of State Art Agencies commissioned piece.

  • Mike Bond - Roland FA-06 Synth/Composer

  • Alonzo Demetrius - Trumpet

  • Gene Shinozaki - Beatbox/vocals Video

Sound edited by Vincent Troyani.

Jazz Buzz (Greek) by vagarag

November 9, 2020

The very title of the album, "Live from the Prison Nation," recorded live inside Berklee, is a political statement, as it refers to the American penitentiary system and the commercial circuit that surrounds it, taking advantage of the cheap labor of prisoners.

The purpose of JazzBuzz is to publish articles, interviews, reviews, suggestions and news about improvised music. This review is in Greek - to translate, right click anywhere on the page, then select "translate".


November 8, 2020

Alonzo Demetrius is uniquely recognized for his implementation of electronic processing into his ‘live’ performance package.  Many young musicians are now incorporating movies, slides, electronic enhancements and in the case of Alonzo Demetrius, activist speeches into their work.  He’s entertaining us, while tickling our brains with an educational feather.

Black Grooves Review

November 6, 2020

Black Grooves is a music review site hosted by the Archives of African American Music & Culture (AAAMC) at Indiana University. Their goal is to promote black music by providing monthly updates on interesting new releases and quality reissues composed or performed by black artists. Read their review of Live From The Prison Nation!

Debut Album is Downbeat Editor's Pick for November

November 2, 2020

An album that finds the trumpeter angling for a space somewhere between the smooth and thoughtful tones of Theo Croker, and the driving precision of Christian Scott aTunde Adjuah.

Alonzo Demetrius & Yesseh Furaha-Ali

October  25, 2020

Music can create friendships, deepen bonds, and help people find their path in life. Such is the story of two talented Clef Club Music Education alumnus who are friends and musical collaborators. Trumpeter Alonzo Demetrius and saxophonist Yesseh Furaha-Ali, both 24, have a lot in common. They play horns, attended Berklee Music School, and trained at PCC under the guidance of jazz education director Lovett Hines.

Making a Scene

October 21, 2020

Live From The Prison Nation is described as Demetrius’ personal form of protest against the Prison Industrial Complex. A resurgence of the Civil Rights Movement has occurred amidst a global pandemic, the deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Jacob Blake, among many others. Read more from in this article written by Jim Hynes of Making A Scene.

All That's Jazz Episode 29

October 7, 2020

All That's Jazz is where you'll hear conversations and the backstory about everything that's Jazz. Trumpeter and composer, Alonzo Demetrius sits down for a one on one conversation that explores and uncovers the themes of the Live From The Prison Nation album.

Official Debut Album Press Release

September 11, 2020

With the state of our nation and racial injustice in mind, trumpeter Alonzo Demetrius and his working band The Ego released their debut album Live From The Prison Nation with Onyx Productions on October 16, 2020. Joining Demetrius on this socially conscious recording is tenor saxophonist Yesseh Furaha-Ali, pianist Daniel Abraham Jr., bassist Benjamin Jephta, and drummer Brian Richburg Jr.

Uncle Joe ft. Alonzo Demetrius

July 2, 2020

Joe Jam Sumrell · Alonzo Demetrius

Live At Berklee College

May 1, 2020

Berklee Global Jazz Institute graduate Alonzo Demetrius performs his original "Royals" with his band The Ego live at Berklee College of Music.

The Ego - "Caravan"

June 8, 2019

The Ego have created a long-form cycle of dissonance and consonance between musical voices, representing the search for a foundation in each other and the exploration of new sonic horizons as a collective. Jackson Albert Mann of the Boston Hassle explores this track further.

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